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So far for a long time, forgings have been manufactured at the LKMZ production facilities. LKMZ manufactured forgings are used for in-house production of transmission and chassis elements, as well as for supply to the leading conveyor-based manufacturers, such as Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ), Minsk Motor Plant (MMZ), Melitopol Motor Plant (MeMZ), Zaporozhye Automobile Building Plant (ZAZ)and others. 

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Our company designs and manufactures forgings of different complexity for a great deal of industries:

Automotive industry

Agricultural industry

Bearing industry

Mining and metallurgical industry

Other industries

Advanced and updated equipment base of HARP and LKMZ provides uniform dimension and microstructure density of the blank and semi-finished parts, which results in improvement of the machining, reduction of allowance in further operations and processes, growth of product life and the most competitive and attractive prices.


Applied equipment:


Our company manufactures forgings (diameter up to 250 mm and weight up to 160 kg) with irregular shapes, high accuracy level and high metal recovery. Our products run all necessary stages of quality control and testing.

We will definitely offer you our best competitive prices and high product quality, so our company will become a reliable and long-term supplier to your company.

The UPEC Industrial Group companies are ISO certified, and the production corresponds to the TS 16949 requirements, which ensures quality control at each production stage. Moreover, the UPEC companies are the only in Ukraine approved suppliers of components to SKF – the world leading bearing manufacturer.

All UPEC companies have introduced and implemented advanced and unique automation project programs of all design, technological, research and managing engineering activity based on the integrated PTC software platform (USA) – KSA 2008. An up-to-date integral CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM/PLM system was created within the project frame, which allowed to manage all new products and other projects within the project management in the unified information environment based on the Windchill software product.