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The Kharkov Electro-Technical Plant Ukrelectromash (HELZ) is the largest in Ukraine manufacturer of induction motors and a wide range of electric pumps.

HELZ casting production has long-term experience and high quality assurance in the aluminum casting production.

Alloy grades:

  • A5 GOST 11069-2001

  • AK12 GOST 1583-93

  • AKYuSu GOST 1583-93

  • AK7ch GOST 1583-93

  • and other GOST alloys

Our company designs and constructs casting dies, puts into production the casting order based on customer’s die or tooling. You can place an order basing on your drawings, product sample or just your idea. At present we are ready to place the orders for aluminum casting in a great volume of up to 20 tons/month.

Wide and long-term experience for 80 years of our activity guarantees the manufacture of aluminum castings of any complexity with weight range from 0.02 kg to 10 kg by die casting with the use of the following equipment:

  • A711A08 (Moldova)

  • GDK320 (FRG/Germany) WEINGARTEN

  • GDK400 (FRG/Germany) WEINGARTEN

  • IP260 (Italy) ITALPRESSE

  • M550 (Italy) ITALPRESSE

A part of the casting equipment has an additional framed unit in its design and configuration, which allows to apply 4-segment dies for casting production of high complexity.

Our manufacturing capabilities are not limited to die casting. One of our main directions is permanent mould casting. Chill casting machines, which we apply for aluminum alloy casting, are classified according to chill opening direction: vertical, horizontal, combined; such design features of the chill casting machines provide casting cavities of complex or irregular shapes.

Among the most important advantages of our production activities are the following:

  • melting manufacturing area, which allows to provide the holding furnaces with the molten metal of the required temperature and to maintain the continuous cycle of casting in the die and chill casting machines

  • dies provide the casting punching

  • machining is provided with the turning machines and lathes

  • processing in the shot blasting chamber can be provided on the customer’s request

  • strict compliance with the whole processing chain while order processing

  • quality control at each production stage: chemical composition rapid analysis with a spectrometer, mechanical testing, tightness testing, dimensional accuracy control, pouring temperature control

  • highly experienced experts with employment history of over 10 years

  • tight schedule and deadlines for order processing

Addressing your requests to our company, you will find a reliable partner interested in the long-term cooperation. For each customer we have an individual approach, the most efficient cooperation scheme and beneficial terms of order payment. Aluminum alloy casting pricing depends on your request and order, in particular, its shape, volume, complexity and lead time or deadlines.

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