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Spare Parts and Components Department is a subdivision of the UPEC Industrial Group Automotive Division. The UPEC Industrial Group is one of Ukraine’s largest private companies, occupying a leading position in several product segments, as well as in engineering and manufacturing business. It is a manufacturer of components, units and equipment for the railway, automotive, agricultural, engineering and metallurgical industries. Virtually all CIS conveyor-based companies are the UPEC-product customers.

The UPEC Industrial Group was established in 1995, and today it develops as a customer-focused engineering industrial group. It numbers over 8 000 employees.

The Joint Engineering Centre (JEC) and specialized engineering centres compose the UPEC scientific and technical base:

  • Ukrainian Bearing Industry Design and Technology Bureau (UKTBPP)
  • Ukrainian Transmission and Chassis Design Bureau (UKBTSh)
  • Special Design Bureau for Electrical Engineering (SKB «Ukrelectromash»)
  • Experimental Design Bureau for Grinding Machines (OKBShS)
  • Air Turbo Technology Department
  • The UPEC Industrial Group unites a number of leading manufacturing companies with more than half a century of history:

    Kharkov Bearing Plant (HARP)
    Oskol Bearing Plant HARP
    Lozova Forging-Mechanical Plant (LKMZ)
    Ukrainian Casting Company (ULK)
    Kharkov Electro-Technical Plant Ukrelectromash (HELZ)
    Kharkov Machine-Tool Plant (Harverst)

    The products of the UPEC Industrial Group are presented on the market by the divisions united in UPEC TRADING:

    Automotive Division cooperates and does business with the leading conveyor-based companies manufacturing automotive, highway and road-building machines.

    Railway Division supplies components for the production and maintenance of traction and rolling stock to companies and railways of the CIS countries

    Electro-Technical Division supplies induction electric motors, a wide range of general and special purpose electric pumps, including well pumps, as well as choppers for livestock farms

    Machine-Tool Division offers roll and cylindrical grinding machines for metallurgy and many other branches of industry 

    Agricultural Division promotes and markets the products for the farmers and agricultural producers, as well as for agricultural engineering industry

    Our divisional structure allows us to meet the needs of our customers to the fullest extent as we are able to focus all of the UPEC engineering, design and manufacturing resources on the solution of the tasks set by our customers with maximum efficiency.

    Spare Parts and Components Department offers and supplies the products manufactured at Kharkov Bearing Plant (HARP), Lozova Forging-Mechanical Plant (LKMZ) and Ukrainian Casting Company (ULK). Each company has numerous modern machinery equipment and highly experienced staff, which ensure a wide range of manufacturing capabilities for our customers: forging, hot stamping, machine assembly, grinding, casting and many others.

    You can find more detailed information about the UPEC Industrial Group activities in our booklet UPEC Industrial Group and at our website upec.ua.